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We have used HOGAN more than 1000 times to date, and no other personality assessment has convinced us more. We receive very good feedback from our clients.
HOGAN has been proven to provide better results in predicting job suitability, organization fit and identification of development needs at work. Personnel selection decisions become more precise, personnel development more focused and effective. Hogan Assessment Systems is a premium provider of personality assessments.

HOGAN makes your decisions easier.

What characterizes HOGAN?

  • HOGAN refers to research traditions which, in the case of the five-factor model (FFM), go back to the 1930s and have a great backing in science. HOGAN is based on the quality criteria defined in DIN 33430 for diagnostic instruments and processes. The DIN standard is confirmed by the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Insitut für Normung e.V.), who is also the German ISO member body. The technical manuals in which we supply these references can be found here.

  • HOGAN continually conducts empirical studies on the relationship with business outcomes.
  • Different norms allow to compare results with a global workforce or with country-specific benchmarks.
  • HOGAN does not discriminate according to age, sex, origin.

What are practical reasons to use HOGAN?

  • HOGAN has been developed with the goal of predicting behavior in organizations and being able to use the information gained in a practical way.

  • HOGAN covers the entire spectrum of the Employee Life Cycle.
  • The HOGAN procedures are available in over 40 languages.
  • The inventories measure the reputation, not the self-image like other personality questionnaires.

What does HOGAN deliver?

  • HOGAN is the only provider worldwide, that uses three perspectives on personality to describe employees in the workplace in a truly differentiated manner.

  • Success factors in day-to-day business.
  • Behavior under pressure, stress or uncertainty.
  • Values, preferred environments and types of decisions.

You can source all HOGAN report formats, consulting services and trainings directly from us.

Report Options

There are different report options available, depending on the objective of the application and the target group.

You can find a selection from the broad HOGAN portfolio below. If you require alternative options for your projects, we would be pleased to discuss those with you.

General Employability

This short report gives a quick insight into the basic competencies of the candidate in the selection context. It highlights a candidate’s people skills, learning skills and work ethic.

Sample Report

Basis Reports

Describes the job fit and provides a recruitment recommendation and an interview guide. Selection of generic job profiles for job families such as sales or leadership.

Sample Report

Assessing Talents

Determines key characteristics and skills to detect the talent of candidates for future tasks. You can use existing requirement profiles or create them individually.

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The information in the HOGAN insight reports creates ideal conditions to increase strategic self-awareness, and is enriched with reflection questions. This report format is used as a feedback tool in selection and development.
Package includes FLASH

Sample Reports


The HOGAN Leadership Forecast Series provides very comprehensive and faceted information about the personality as a leader and the leadership style. Additionally, it offers understandable and pragmatic developmental suggestions.
Package includes FLASH

Sample Reports

Leadership Competencies

The HOGAN High Potential report helps make emerging leaders more efficient, visible and effective. Allowing them to continue to maximize their leadership potential.
Package includes FLASH

Sample Report

Candidate Summary

The report, based on the three sides of personality, addresses the candidate directly and is divided into the areas Strengths, Values & Drivers and Challenges. It also contains development recommendations based on the results.
Package includes FLASH

Sample Report

Leadership Style

The HOGAN leader focus report provides insight into one’s leadership style and strengths. It provides support in career planning and leading teams effectively. Within each leadership dimension, there are development indications as well as information about unconscious bias.

Sample Report


The HOGAN Judgment report describes a person´s decision-making style. The report highlights how information is processed and how decisions are made. The response to the feedback is an additional component that provides important information about how the person learns from feedback to improve future decision making.

Sample Report

Emotional Intelligence

The HOGAN EQ report reflects emotional intelligence, and measures the ability to identify and deal with your own and others’ emotions.

Sample Report

Hogan 360

The HOGAN 360º report reflects feedback from different rater groups, who frequently work with the evaluated person. The insights gained support strengthening self-awareness, and deriving developmental information.

Sample Report


The HOGAN team report allows team members gain a holistic, personality-oriented understanding of the team’s strengths, weaknesses and culture.

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Hogan Certification

With a HOGAN certification
you benefit in multiple ways.

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“The Hogan Assessment has opened up new worlds and opportunities. The certification workshop was substantial, intense and very enriching with a lasting effect. Thank you for all the additional materials. I am already looking forward to my first customer, whom I can “make happy” with Hogan.”

Annette B. Czernik, Managing Partner and Executive Coach, Inspired Executives