Hogan Advanced

Hogan practitioners with different professional backgrounds such as coaches, consultants, facilitators, HR experts and leaders benefit from participating in RELEVANT´s Hogan courses.

Both formats address individuals who value a high standard in their deliveries and who like to be up to date in the field of Hogan´s personality assessments.

Online Hogan Academy

RELEVANT´s academy is intended to be a platform for further training and information exchange.
We would also like to encourage you to ask questions you have always imagined to debate with such a diverse and proficient audience.

The program consists of two components: An integral part of each Academy is the interpretation of a Hogan profile. The second part has a changing theme focus.

You are welcome to hand in Hogan profiles for discussion in order to clarify questions in advance or after your conversation with the candidate. And you are invited to contribute: Tell us which topics you are interested in or present something yourself (book review, best practice, etc.).

We are continuously adding topics to the agenda. In the past we have dealt with different topics such as executive derailment, “mindset” as well as the usage of Hogan in the field of Executive Search and Leadership Development.

In order to guarantee a certain level of interaction attendance is limited. Just fill in the below form and we will provide you with your login credentials.

We are looking forward to our common Hogan Academy and our sparring on eye-level!


September 6th: How to deal with passiv-aggresiv people in team workshops (Session in German)

Hogan Refresher

We offer previously certified Hogan users a refresher workshop during the second day of an open certification workshop.

Deepen your knowledge, learn structuring your Hogan debriefings, get insights into mapping Hogan with existing competency models and benefit being part of a diverse group of Hogan professionals.

You will be provided with the latest version of Hogan´s official workbook and receive RELEVANT´s supportive materials that will guide you bringing Hogan´s predictive power to your clients and into your projects.

Moreover, you will receive an unlimited Hogan certificate on request.

Continue sharpening your profile and benefit from RELEVANT´s spirit and DNA.

Please fill in the below form and we will provide you with more information on terms and conditions.

We are looking forward to your participation and our sparring on eye-level!


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February 13-14, 2020StuttgartGermanHogan Refresher
March 16-17, 2020DusseldorfGermanHogan Refresher

“This Hogan refresher was a great opportunity. It is so nice to go deeper
and deeper in the science of personality.
Thanks to René Kusch for his great facilitation.”

Miguel Gurrola, Founder and CEO, Conscious Performance GmbH