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New Leadership? Authentic in turbulent times

JAM SESSION with Special Guest Dr. Robert Hogan

4th of July 2019 at Klassikstadt in Frankfurt am Main

WHY: New Work is supposed to change everything. Leadership seems to be facing completely new challenges. We experience that there is insecurity in executive search and selection, management development and career planning about which success factors from the past (may) still apply in the future and where new approaches are necessary. Often, managers ask themselves whether they are fit for the future.

WHAT: We invite you to an exciting JAM SESSION with plenty of room for exchanging and discussing experiences and open-ended questions. We focus on what we can learn from the past and how leadership can be successful and authentic in the future.

SPEAKER: We are excited that great experts in their field will provide us with key-notes and real live case studies on how they are addressing the above-mentioned challenges. E.g. a CEO from the financial industry, two winners of HR awards in 2018, and a well-known social-media influencer. Step by step they will be announced here. It is worth visiting this event page regularly.

SPECIAL GUEST: Among others, you have the chance to see Dr. Robert Hogan, and Scott Gregory live at the JAM SESSION. Robert is the founder of Hogan Assessment Systems, and was the first to empirically show, that personality can be measured and behavior and performance in the workplace can be predicted on its basis. Scott is the CEO at Hogan Assessments has decades of experiences working as a (Hogan) consultant in the industry.

PARTICIPANTS: All customers and partners of Odgers Berndtson and/or RELEVANT as well as interested individuals are invited to join. The Number of participants is limited. Therefore, please register quickly to secure your ticket.

HOSTS: The event is jointly hosted by Odgers Berndtson and RELEVANT. We are excited to expand our collaboration, including the global CEOxOneDay initiative. We share a truly international approach, a passion for evidence-based assessments as well as hold ourselves accountable for providing solutions to our clients, which fit their (future) realities best.

We look forward meeting you in Frankfurt.

Look forward to the following program points on the 4th of July 2019 at Klassikstadt in Frankfurt am Main:

  • 12:30 pm

Check-in and reception with refreshments for the afternoon

  • 1:30 pm

Welcome – Daniel Nerlich, Managing Partner, Odgers Berndtson & Dr. René Kusch, Managing Director, RELEVANT

Impulse speeches held in German except for Dr. Hogan´s contribution

  • “How humility outperforms charisma” – Dr. Robert Hogan, Founder & President, Hogan Assessments
  • “Futurise Leadership @ Vodafone” – Dr. Niklas Friedrich, Project Manager People & Organisation Strategy, Vodafone

Breakout-Sessions by corporate and consulting experts held in German except for Scott Gregory´s contribution

  • Manager Leadership Program (Automotive) – Details will be announced soon
  • “Getting ready for the future of international law firms with the Peak Performance Program” – Dr. Matthias Lichtblau, Executive Director, CMS Legal Services EEIG
  • “Actively shaping change as an executive at Fondsdepot Bank” – Sebastian Henrichs, CEO, Fondsdepot Bank
  •  “From Recruiting to Leadership Base Camp” – Dr. Kevin-Lim Jungbauer, HR Diagnostics and Talent Assessment Expert, Beiersdorf
  • “HR Analytics: The Science and Art of Personality” – Scott Gregory, CEO, Hogan Assessments

Impulse speech

  • Marcus K. Reif – Details will be announced soon
  • from 6:00 pm

Networking, exchange and discussion at the Flying Buffet

We want the event to provide you with relevant input for your daily work. Soon we will provide a survey for you here.

“The key to success in business is money and people. No matter how well you handle money, if you get the people part wrong, you will lose.”
– Dr. Robert Hogan


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